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SwipeTapSell AB, 5 Rehnsgatan Street, 113 57 Stockholm, Sweden

Common Questions
  • Which ecommerce platforms does SwipeTapSell support? Currently Bigcommerce is the supported platform, but we are more than happy to develop for your yours as well. Just sign up and vote your ecommerce platform.
  • Which mobile devices are supported? We support all major mobile browsers like Safari on iOS 7+, the Android 4.0+ browser, Chrome and Opera for both iOS and Android.
  • How to install SwipeTapSell app? You can install SwipeTapSell directly from the Bigcommerce App Store - Start here
  • How will SwipeTapSell be reached by my users? Users will be able to reach your SwipeTapSell store directly via Google search or by accessing your store from their mobile browser.
  • Do you support virtual/downloadable products? Yes. SwipeTapSell supports both virtual and downloadable products that BigCommerce does. No worries, it’s taken care of.
  • Will it work with my product options and rules? Of course it will. Our app integrates all of your predefined BigCommerce store options streamlining the user experience to the max.

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